Thursday, March 26, 2009

I saw the elephants. It was both exciting and sad. The most fun was to run with the elephants up 34th street. The least fun was to feel sad for their captivity.

Had an improv show on Tuesday and I felt bad about my performance. I know it's "no big deal," but it's **never easy** to walk off a stage after you know you sucked.




Yesterday was a day full of deep displeasures.
- I stood in that cold line from 5:40 to 7:40 to sign up for UCB Harold Auditions - it put me in such a bad mood!
I estimate that there were 300 auditioners for 14 spots, ah the spirit of competition! With interviews, apt finding, school applying to and such - it seems capitalism begs us to compete left and right, eh?
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- I treated myself to a cab so I could make this event that had free drinks and food - I took it to 371 lex instead of 731 lex like a dumbass! So I took 2 fucking cabs! The security people in the building were dumb forks and I had to go
through like 4 of them UFFF!
I missed the free drinks and food. BUT it was in the Bloomberg Building.
Bloomberg Building of the future
- which is a crazy space age rocket ship fantasy planet from the future. There are insane free snack stations for employees (I took some) and a spiral escalator - one of 2 in the world. Forking fancy job having jerks in their awesome office!
Spiral Escalator

Because I was feeling shitty, I decided I would finally try the famous
bone marrow dish at Allen and Delancey - recommended to me ages ago by Top Chef's Spike who knows his meat dishes, and THIS WEEK the chef decides he is bored of making it - it's off the menu. Instead I can get a fancy pigs ear. I DONT WANT A FUCKING PIGS EAR I WANT TO EAT THE OVERPRICED MARROW OF A COW dammit. I failed at luxurizing for the night. It was a sign that the gods don't want me to be wasteful with my money, not even for a moment.

Next week I will be having a free fancy dinner from Jeffrey's because I am unemployed! Jeffrey is the best! Positive energy lives and breathes in this NYC dreamland place. I love it here. LOVE IT like a hippy and their tempeh bacon.

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