Monday, March 02, 2009

Photoshop FAIL FAIL FAIL click with caution
I don't want to see Rachel Ray like that. All women aren't meant to be that way. And I don't trust her sauce anymore.
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"Crossbreed kittens are genetically engineered to fuck shit up"

(thanks wolkin)

I did this stuff and liked it:
- Bought fresh, affordable home made pasta and cheese at the dairy and pasta makers (next door to each other) on Grand Street and Mulberry. More affordable specialty ingredients than Whole Foods, much better for olives.

- Saw Grizzly Bear with the Brooklyn Philharmonic at BAM. I nominate Grizzly Bear as band with most beautiful vocals.

- Had a brunch that defines the word "lovely" with homemade items and great people.

- Performed at Santos Party House hosted by Andrew WK. Andrew has to be one of the nicest entertainers out there. Up there with Jack McBrayer. Pleasant as heck gosh darnit!

Nelson Mandela for Pro-Active - one of the creators of this video is named Caitlin Tegart. She is in my improv show tomorrow at UCB theatre- after Harold night. Get tickets!

must not resent the success of talentless jerks
not productive
not helpful
awfully frustrating
easy to let happen when you are in your room alone.
is the root of anger issues.

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