Friday, March 06, 2009

Watchmen review

The Watchmen is an example of fantastic movie making - many successes with few shortcomings.
- Soundtrack -The music selection was playful, intelligent, and ripe. Respects nostalgia much like the Forrest Gump Soundtrack
- Acting - JEH as Rorschach, Patrick Wilson stood out most. Ensemble cast was strong. Great casting, Comedian also really well cast.
- Captured so many moving elements of the book, characters faithfully represented for the most part
- Great job recreating the 80s
- Was successful at doing what the book sought to do by creating a real emotional nerve, relating the story to humanity and current events
- The sex and violence were well done, some gratuitous boobies, but also Patrick Wilson's wonderful ass and Dr Manhattan's awesome nuclear penis. Of course he's uncut. You wouldn't circumcise a nuclear man now would you.

- Biggest flaw - tried to capture too much in too little time - Should have been a 2 part movie like Kill Bill.
- WTC towers did not look realistic - anyone who has actually seen them would know the difference
- A lot was left out, but most notably - Rorschach's scene with the psychiatrist is much more in depth and amazing in the book
- Ozymandias was too sinister and suspect. In the book he is kinder and gentler. His kindness is important to the story.

Either way I was inspired by the masterful effort and creativity thrown into this project. Terminator Salvation also looks great. We are also getting some amazing new albums in 2009. Perhaps the bad economy is just what we needed to conquer the mediocrity epidemic of the past few years. Yes there has been greatness in the past years - but also a general malaise that needs some shredding.

Reading both the book and seeing the movie (in IMAX if possible) are highly recommended.

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