Monday, April 20, 2009

The sun is coming and it marked my flesh with its burns

when I was at the Mets game Saturday the sun pwned my exposed upper body. COOL not really actually kinda who cares so moving on:

I didn't like Yeah Yeah Yeahs when they first came out with Maps because I thought it sounded just like Krissy Hynde from the Pretenders and was nothing new. But I now like the song moreso because of its interesting singer Karen O. Adam, a wise music sage, told me she is a fucking rockstar and she is good. I never noticed before and got curious. She has elaborate outfits and moves with slow purpose. I was expecting her to act more wild but she's less obvious than that. He stage movements are almost shy which is interesting against her outfits and style. She's also kind of moving and expressive. Check her out in this music video for "Maps." Pretty intense stuff.

I also really like new Depeche Mode

Blair from Gossip Girl sings with Awesome New Republic on the track "Birthday" and it's good! Just plain fun stuff. Download here.

- NSFW must read from Vice about masturbatory things

- Shayna's blog Pattern Pulp is coolll!
- Apple store appearances for Tribeca Film Fest (if you still like Natalie Portman)
- I saw the Mets this weekend and got sunburns AND ate amazing bbq'd meats from a really wonderful man named Jake who bbq'd not only fine meats, but also grilled up homemade cheese stuff jalopenos wrapped in bacon! I greatly respect this.
- Some new photos

I did break up with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago, but then we worked things out. I'm happy about this. He's great.

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