Sunday, April 05, 2009

A video, followed by an announcement.

Here is something I made that will never be finished so I am sharing it now. We were gonna record the audio track properly, but now we won't because we can't for a reason that I am not sharing right here and right now. This is from a day that made me very happy and I don't want it to collect digital dust.

We took a Saturday afternoon drinking bloody marys on the roof, got silly and played around with the camera. This is what we got. It is intended to be a rap, an ode to the smells in my smelly apt building hallway. The lyrics are "Put the cabbage in the pot, put the onions on the boiler"

*** I haven't said this because I wasn't sure if I should stop looking for jobs (I finally decided that was the right thing to do) but I was accepted to NYU's MFA program in Film (writer/director concentration) !!!
Woot woot. ***

So there's some film, and in the coming year there will be much more, with much more time and painstaking effort thrown in.

And please come to street meat! I'll channel my raw emotion onto the stage to create a gripping fantasy world. Or just cry while people perform around me. Your job as a good audience member will be to yell "show us ur tits." Cool thanks.

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