Friday, May 08, 2009

the air force plane over lower manhattan completely blows my mind

Official who OK'd Air Force One jet flyover resigns
how they could be sooo stupid to think that's a good idea
how they could be that out of touch with reality

for a photoshoot?

I actually don't believe that, maybe they were up to something.

WHITE HOUSE- hey nypd, this is the white house, we r gonna fly a plane really low near ground zero and take a couple of pretty pictures of it

NYPD- okee dokee white house! I love airplanes! Zooom zoom!

WHITE HOUSE- and make sure not to tell the people of nyc that there's no cause for panic

NYPD - yeah ok gotta go, I'm watching kathy and hoda on the today show and they are learning how to make cinamon buns

WHITE HOUSE - ooh cinamon buns I love those

NYPD - bye


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