Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm gross

I've always though I was kind of gross. Daddy's girl. Not a neat freak. Not careful. Risk taker. Eat without washing hands? Sure! I'll be fine. There's an awful lot that won't kill you. I'm tough!

But I reached a threshold yesterday when I was faced with a filet mignon.

On Saturday I bbq'd some fat steaks with my favorite boys Adam and Stephen. We drank a lot of over bourboned mint juleps and I forgot to put away the left over steak in the fridge before we left. I returned home on Monday morning and discovered the steaks.

I picked up the beef. It smelled delicious, felt soft and juicy. There was nothing rotten or undesirable about it. As its thick steakiness rest between my fingers I lost control of my hand and all of the sudden the roasted meat was in my mouth. I devoured it. Very soon I was left with a meager little bite left and all of the sudden it hit me -

what have I done?

I started googling "cooked meat left out smells good tastes good" and I found this forum that warned me
4 hours to grow salmonella.

Why would you want to risk getting so terribly ill?

My friend who was not an infant or elderly frail person was 5 days in a hospital bed with salmonella. I had another friend who had a lung sugically removed who was only in hospital for 4 days.

And then I freaked out and took some left over antibiotic that I never finished taking (for what? clue found here).
It's 2 days later and I have not died or gotten food poisoning.
I am in the clear for now. BUT MAYBE I WAS JUST LUCKY THIS TIME!

And in that moment I lost some of my youth.
Gone to the wind is a morsel of my wild abandon.
A shock of gray hair has come to me.

Maybe it's best not to be so gross.
No more picking nose and wiping under chairs.
No more licking the subway.

Time to invite a new chapter into my life. The non-rancid meat eating one.
I hope I have not lost the spark that makes me, me.

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