Thursday, May 28, 2009

Knowledges: curried carrot edition

Stuff going on:
I went to Puerto Rico, but it rained every day. It was like OUCH. Major OUCH. Spend the money, get to the beach. Rain. It took waaayyyy too much effort to have a positive attitude about it. It sucked. Made some nice moments and pictures but - suck suck suck.
We saw this weird tree! Only in majestic Puerto Rico!

From now on I'm tagging blogs that list random knowledges as knowledges. BIG DAY, eh!
Martha told me to make these and so I did, also, I loved them.:
- Peruvian Fish Stew

- Curried Carrot Soup

I want to dine at Shang and then spend the rest of the day in their pool.

This Lady GaGa individual is downright terrible. And here, she is on some kind of pills. And regarding her lyric "I'll make you hard, show you what I got" - not exactly challenging or impressive to make someone hard, but I'm sure someone's proud of you for your achievement.

Bushwick County Club: On Sundays this summer, free Maker's Mark milkshakes and smoky barbecue will be allotted at this Williamsburg tavern, which sports a mini-golf course. 618 Grand St. (between Leonard and Lorimer sts.), Brooklyn

Read about the real stripping coke fiend of Bravo's Real Housewives of NJ.

Arnold Schwarzenegger fashion retrospective.

Paul Janka looks like Charles Manson while trying to sell his attraction formula.

And ohhh the Gossip Girl Season Finale

<3 <3 <3
You non watchers are MISSING OUT. Check Jen Kwok's recap.

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