Monday, May 04, 2009

on protecting the gay people from marrying each other

For the people that want to "protect marriage" so badly, why not give people shit for talking badly about their spouses, attack marriage/my wife jokes, attack adulterous folks? There's so many things you could attack if you really cared about protecting the sanctity of marriage, the gay thing seems to have nothing to do with looking at marriage as something sacred/amazing - and everything to do with condemning homosexuality.

Honestly, I don't think the gay haters give a darn about marriages at all. They are just trying to find some reason to hate gay people, and they look at this a great opportunity to scare people into thinking that homosexuality is damaging to society.

The only way homosexuality could ever be a bad thing is if someone was sexually abused - but the problem there is the sexual abuse/non-consent. Being gay and consensual homosexual acts are completely harmless - and are simply reality. People are gay. People have gay sex. And that's ok!

It would be a novel idea though to revamp our ideas about marriage so it doesn't seem so scary and terrifying overall, don't you think? A society that doesn't look at spouses as ball and chain ...

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