Thursday, May 07, 2009

Somebody touched me in my eyebrows

This man, Thomas McEntee, he touched me there. He put creams and waxes and warm and fragrant things on there!

But I liked it. It all started when I was shopping around MioMia in South Williamsburg (Bedford and S 2nd). MioMia is the most exciting creams and toiletries and smelly things store I've ever been to! It has my favorite brands like Mario Basescu and John Allen. There's lots of great things to play with and open and close and squeeze and poke at. While shopping there, Thomas asked me if I've ever had my brows "done," and I said no. I like to keep their natural angry arched look that makes me look pissed off even when I'm not. But he implored me to try it out.

And so I did. Thomas McEntee is a Brow ARTIST. And he touched me in my eyebrows. And he made them feel nice and fresh and clean and shapely. I'd recommend him to people who get their brows done, though I am not ready to make this a regular new expense, it was a nice experience worth trying - and he knows what he's doing.

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