Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sonic Youth's The Eternal, pretty much Eternal

Sonic Youth's amazing achievement on The Eternal is that time has not compromised their sound, identity or the youthful element to their songs.

Even though In Rainbows is a great album from Radiohead - it doesn't have the band's younger sound.

Even though Merriweather Post Pavillion is a well celebrated release from Animal Collective - it also doesn't have their original edge.

Such is the case for Trent Reznor's post "The Fragile" albums, along with many other bands, Beastie Boys, Weezer.

Often times bands skillfully adapt and transform, creating rich, newer sounds. As a band matures, the raw flavor of a young band is often lost. Sonic Youth's "The Eternal" is the most striking example of a band who is able to maintain their unique youthful sound through the later years of their career, possibly indefinitely.

Not from the Eternal (hey Sonic Youth, make a new video! a fun one!):

Note: I attended the "No Fun Fest" Saturday evening, fully aware that I'd be getting Noise Rock and not their songs - but I still hated it. I've seen Sonic Youth's experimentations with noise in other forms - Lee and Thurston at the Jazzmaster 50th anniversary show; the Merce Cunningham tribute - and I was expecting something along that line. This was just unpleasant noises- the kind that made me want to puke! The sounds were such that you'd naturally feel alarmed or like something was wrong, and I really don't enjoy that. The biggest BS factor of the night was the audience - who wanted so badly to be smart and hip and edgy by loving it. This was a true example of a moment where the band could have farted into the microphone and this audience would have regarded it as art. Sheeps I tell you! The sounds created a gut response of unpleasantness, and I feel only 1/3 or 1/4 of this audience could have truthfully enjoyed it.

Other Note: Went to Passion Pit boat cruise. Only kinda liked the band before seeing them. But they were great live, the sound was excellent, and they really put on a kickassedly energetic show.

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