Monday, June 29, 2009

I should have written this as soon as I got off the plane.
Then it would be fresh. I'd still have LA rainbow sprinkles on me.

Now I've been back in NYC and allowed gotham to seep into my pores and bring me down to earth again. But last week I floated high above the clouds in the city of angels.

I went to LA specifically to scope out their comedy scene and introduce myself, as a comedian, to LA. 9 shows in 7 days! It was a standup comedy intensive. I've never immersed myself in so much standup in such little time - and I've never been more productive as far as improving my act, writing new material, and feeling inspired.

The shows went very well, the crowds were incredible, and they were loving and into it.

I love you New York, because we are made of the same flesh and bone. Our blood types are compatible and that's important. But my mind is lost again in your fuzzy constant motion. I am reunited with that which I cannot be without for too long, and I've already sunk into your gorgeous shadowy depths.

And now, I shall post different posts with photos and words!

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