Wednesday, June 03, 2009

knowledges: existential floral crisis

Stopped to smell the roses but the roses HAD NO SMELL.

IE throws a surprise Wedding Reception - see my Street Meat co-host Rob Lathan as the best man!

Circulatory System - "Overjoyed" (MP3) good on first listen track

Midtown Lunch
- "Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland that is Midtown Manhattan"

I want this fancy umbrella. Really though, I think it's inappropriate to desire such a thing.

Let's file that under Things I Would By If I Was Employed (employed I say, not filthy rich).
What else?
- Erica Weiner Jewelery
- In God We Trust Necklaces and Socks
- Mario Bedescu facial and things in bottles
- Items from Miomia
- This lovely seafoam green storage bench
- Tasting menus and Omakase menus
- Rooibos Vanilla tea. not expensive but must not buy unnecessary teas when I already have teas.

- Melissa Plastic Dreams from Brazil

Um ok time to stop teasing my bunny balls with these fineries and time to tend to my knitting and child rearing.

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