Monday, June 29, 2009

Los Celebrities

I saw a lot of stars in Hollywood and now I'm one too but in a metaphysical sense. That's so meta, right!?

Here's some of the stars I met and the pictures I took of them:
Seeing the stars on Hollywood Blvd
VANESSA HUDGENS! omg right? Such unbelievable talent in one remarkable young woman. She looks surprisingly 2D and waterproof in person.

L Ron Hubbard
L RON HUBBARD! He is quiet yet formidable and his face is made of bronze. For some reason after 2 hours of staring into his eyes, my butt started to leak. I found this inspiring and so I became a scientologist.

I also met Fred Armisen's fiance - who is none other than Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men. I didn't take her picture because I felt it was wrong to use my modern day technology on a woman who is, in my heart, from a fairy tale land of really hot abusive men who wear sexy pants all the time. Unless the day comes where we make eggs benedict together and talk about our first kiss, I'm going to objectify her as Peggy forever and ever.

I also FINALLY got to meet Charlene Yi, as I'm a major bigtime fan of hers, and I got to perform on the same show with at the Tomorrow Show at Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. That was an awfully special show, highly recommended to LA folk.

And there were some comedy greats who made me get really dorky, I mean really dorky - as in when I asked to take the picture I blushed and made excuses and felt like a fucking tourist, but nonetheless BLAM
3 out 4 UCBers oooh.
Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, and Ian Roberts

And ME with Tom Lennon AKA Dangle from Reno 911 and you know, all this other stuff I love! (THE STATE)
Tom Lennon!  At Comedy Death Day Tues evening
We performed on the same show and posed with purposeful hints of discomfort together, woahhhh!

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