Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Los People I Met

I met some amazing individuals on my trip to LA. During my time I stayed a night with Tracey DeMarzo (who is an excellent chef) and Rick Shapiro, and most of the time with my college buddy- actor/comedian Andy Ostroff. My NYC friend Allegra hosted a brunch gathering, and there were NYC comedians on just about every show out there! I bumped into the likes of Greg Barris, Roger Hailes, Joe Mande, Nick Kroll, Fred Armisen, Andre DuBouchet, Joselyn Hughes, Rory Scovel, Todd Levin, Paul Scheer, Jack McBrayer ... and more? Everywhere I turned there were friendly NYC comedy faces.

Here's a couple of the people I met who were LA folks and they blew me away.

Angela Trimbur
Is this writer/performer my West Coast comedy soulmate? I met her backstage at Comedy Death Ray on a Tuesday night and asked if it would be too sexy to wear heels for this show (I went with flats) and then I discovered her shared love for Portishead and then, well, now I'm a big fan. Here's a short she made on Funny or Die:

Greg Hahn
at first I didn't know what to think when we witnessed his manic gestures and insane energy. But then he went on and blew us away. This man is fucking unique and spectacular and youtube videos barely do him justice.

Oh and a gratuitous bikini pic of Allegra in her very own fantastic backyard. Because she's just stunning.

Special thanks to Val Mayers, Scott Aukerman, Denver Smith, Josh and Josh, Greg Barris, George Earth, Erik Tait, Ed Galvez, Ron Lynch, and the UCB Theatre for having me on your shows! You were all so freakin great to meet and perform with.

And speaking of Rick Shapiro is having a big comedy blowout next week, and I'll be opening for him at the Gotham Comedy Club Wednesday June 8th, get tickets now!

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