Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Octopus and squids

Really like to eat these lately

- The Hangover
Great cast, great premise, lots of fun - but not nearly as fun or well written as an Apatow movie. Could have been so much better with a premise like this. Overtly woman-hating in an ugly way at times - sigh, why must it be this way! Jokes should have been more subtle and not so damn easy, but there were some moments I was really into. Also, Galifianakis is at his best when he's more subtle as well, and he didn't have to be written as such a retarded individual.


- NIN at Garden State Arts Center
Street Sweeper Social Club was one of the worst things ever and I can't believe Trent would be ok with them especially after criticizing chris cornell for his shitty new music with Timbaland. SSSC was straight out of late 90s rap rock collabs and manufactured for top 40 teenage tastes. The fact that they covered Paper Planes was insanely too unoriginal. Lead singer seemed like he was cast by a VH1 reality show. BARF

As for NIN - Am a big fan and saw 2 shows before. Trent was completely different this time because he just seemed so happy. He put plenty of effort into performance (not into the visuals sadly) but it seemed impossible for him to connect to any of the darker lyrics from his old songs. His energy was great as usual, but he just came off as a really happy, healthy rockstar who's just putting on a good show. Only songs I really got into were Head like a Hole and Mr Self Destruct - and made sure to head bang around because hey, it's the end of something I loved so much from my youth. Too bad no mosh pits.

Makes sense that this is his "last tour" - he has taste and sense enough to know he's grown out of his "edge." Now he's gonna go make babies and drink lemonades instead of whatever fun drug and anger cocktails he was enjoying in the late 90s.

Not into Janes. That Perry is a weird fella. Oh and Dave Novarro had some pretttty stupid things on his nipples. Dude can play his instrument though.

Also, I do appreciate the Garden State Arts Center, it's just lovely!

- Lichens with Lee Ranaldo
Was terribly pleasant.

By the way, you can buy the music of Charles Manson on iTunes, or presumably anywhere.


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