Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Wow ok so it's been a while.

I'm all exhausted and "spreading myself thin" lately so I've neglected you sweet and important blog machine.

What been me for up to doing?
- Been tortured by a nightmare succubus hose beast psycho roommate who has been terrorizing my life along with my 2 roommates lives. Trying to deal with her shit and make away without having too much money damages.
- Been having lots and lots of things going on at the same time!
- My Dutch relatives are in town all month (mostly August) - I've never had all my Dutch relatives here at once so this is kind of a big deal and makes me really happy they are here.
- Must watch 50 movies from a specific list for film school before it starts. This is realllly time consuming! So far my favorite film watched was "The Killing" from Kubrick - fantastic!!! I was also really into "Be With Me"

A couple fun things that happened recently:
- shot a video with LA comedian Angela Trimbur (to be edited this month)
- saw Abe Vigoda and Grooms (liked Grooms!) play free live show at the Whitney, and then had a drink at the famed Bemelmen's bar at the Hotel Carlyle (you know, the place where Woody Allen plays clarinet with his Jazz Band)
- Went to 2 Williamsburg Pool Parties - the free shows at the lovely Brooklyn waterfront with live music, a great view, and lots of youngsters
- Got NUTS at a Bachellorette party in Atlantic City which may have been the most fun I've had in a long time. Great evidence of this can be found on my twitter and my flickr, yo.
- fell down the stairs outside with slippery wet ground and flip flops. legs and arm hurt a bit. head is ok. also left my wallet in a friend's car while home and am walletless. bah humbug
- Had a grand ol time with my boyfriend's momma, who took us to the River Cafe and ordered fancy drinks and foods like a champion, which unfortunately I could barely handle and got a 5 star hangover. It hurt so good.

In the meantime I liked these things:
- Sextortion: crazy story, skim it though it's very long.
- Trent Reznor's very practical advice for bands, and his opinion on the record industry and how much should be made
- Old time beauty ads

Are you new here?
Why are we here anyways?
Who are you?
I'm a comedian, you can see my upcoming performances and videos here.

And finally, here's a graphic that a NJ law website uses for "divorce":

lady- NNNNooooo don't touch my baby's head! You never did the dishes you jerkoff!

dude- But honey I swear she was over 18!!

lady - It hurts it hurts.

dude - I'll make it better I swear! I'll get those calf implants you always wanted me to get!

lady - omg!

dude - I love you.

lady - I need you.

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