Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I waved Goodbye! NIN: Wave Goodbye Tour, final shows at small clubs, Terminal 5 show 8/25/2009

This morning I feel really happy about my experience at the NIN show last night. I mean this is MY BAND! My favorite band in the whole wide world. I was shut out of tickets and that really upset me, but I made the move to go for some scalper tickets and found them at a decent price.

Trent Reznor is a man who LOVES MUSIC. You can't fake that kind of passion or pleasure. He loves sounds, he naturally makes the most aggressive testosterone driven intense noisy music - and at the same time composes absolutely beautiful soft, yet still complicated and refined songs - mainly for piano. He plays with whatever instruments and technology he can get his hands on to make his desired sound.

There's something incredibly perfect about the band, the man, the music, the career. I can't explain how or why it all comes together so perfectly, I'm happy it's ending on a high note.

As for last night's show at Terminal 5, I am very happy about where we stood and the comfort level. We were way up front the whole time and it was totally fine, not nearly as hot or smooshed as I've been before - and a good zone to experience the best of T5's sound which I've heard is bad in some places. I wasn't pleased that he played a good deal of With Teeth/The Slip - I like these albums but they don't excite me live like the older stuff. I also don't care for Peter Murphy so I wish David Bowie was the special guest! I have a feeling he might be tonight. Anyhow I really loved it, I love this band so much. I'll always remember last night's show very fondly.

More about last night's show on BV.

Now for some random interesting NIN/Reznor related things:
Check out the totally great photoset of Trent Reznor Yearbook photos on Flickr


The song "Wish" was one of the last hard songs he played last night. This song won a grammy in 1992 for best metal performance and also contains the lyrics "fist fuck"


Reznor Air Conditioners indeed have something to do with Trent, it's his grandpa's company

"Trent is a direct descendant of George Reznor, founder of the Reznor Company (founded 1888), a heating and air conditioning company. Although the family sold the business in the 1960s, Reznor equipment is still manufactured in Trent's hometown of Mercer, Pennsylvania." -- Wikipedia


My reports from past NIN concerts
- Front row at Garden State Arts Center 2006
(this is how front row I was!)
- Nov 2005 at MSG, my first show (note that when I was younger and in college I couldn't really afford their concerts - regret not going the - AND this show review is better than the one I've written here)
- Show this summer 2009 at Garden State Arts Center

RIP Ted Kennedy

Dorkin it up with the Kennedy Meister in the year 2000

I interned for him in spring 2000, and he was seriously kind and smart as hell in person. The man knew things, could speak eloquently about any number of subjects, and was just a warm and friendly dude. I appreciated that he fought for all the causes I was into in my days as a diehard Democrat.

Still a Democrat, just not diehard. Cause the political system has become too much like a reality tv show for me to take it seriously anymore.

Anyhow, RIP Ted Kennedy, good dude, tragic and extraordinary life.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm GOING TO NIN TONIGHT! Bought a ticket off ebay, it was a fair price. Spoke to the seller and all seems legit. Yesss. I can't freakin stand it anymore, reading how great Bowery and Webster were. This is the definition of a once in a lifetime show with your very favorite band.

Look at how people are saying how these shows are the best ever:
- on BV
- on Pitchfork


Friday, August 21, 2009

Interview on the Apiary about Street Meat and Monday's show

Read here!

them crooked vultures is getting me so excited

If you didn't already know, Them Crooked Vultures is the super group of Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and John Paul Jones, and they have most likely made an awesome album. Nobody has heard it yet but they just performed in Amsterdam and this video has surfaced:

Related - watch Josh Homme do accoustic "No One Knows"

nice work buddddy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

knowledges: just had some

Sometimes people have great ideas for blogs. Sexy people pictures is great. Though I believe it is a ripoff of the one with family portraits. Here is an example:

The song "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen has been in my head the past couple days. It's a great song to fill the air during hot heat.

If you are a Leonard Cohen fan then you might find it interesting to know that there exists a short film "I am a Hotel" comprised of 5 Cohen songs. This video clip is from that film.

Top Chef is back on the air, I'm so excited! One of the contestants is Google's head chef. Interesting.

Speaking of foods, I have a new favorite restaurant! Cosmic Cantina on 3rd ave and 13th is amazing fresh healthy homemade affordable organic Mexican! And there's outdoor seating, and a good bar! And basically everything I like. Delightful, can't believe I never tried it till now.

other good news New tv shows for Louie CK, Paul Sheer, Nick Kroll.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

august is slow

mind dripping molasses again
but not the same as always before?

Right now I'm thinking I might not BLOG so much anymore. But perhaps when life returns to "the swing of things" and I'm in school, I'll want to do it all the time. That starts very soon, so we shall see.

Or else it's farewell.
Life just feels busier later.

Did I forget to mention? I love trader joes fat free feta cheese crumble. Added to any salad, pasta, or soba dish, it's fantastic tasting and oh so few calories.

I also dearly love the world's largest digging machine

and the dancing of "The Madison" from Band of Outsiders

Friday, August 14, 2009

Street Meat
Monday August 24th @ 8pm (ends at 10pm)
@ Cake Shop 152 Ludlow St
Hosted by Heather Fink and Rob Lathan
character comedy w/ Special Guests:
- Jon Glaser (Adult Swim, Conan O Brian)
- Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt (NY Times, NYC everywhere!)
- Adrianne Frost (The Daily Show, Law and Order, 30 Rock)
- Mitch Magee (UCB, Channel 101, Andy Kaufman Awards)
- Hannibal Buress (Late night TV shows, fancy comedy festivals)
and more!

Called one of "the city's best indie-comedy showcases" by New York
Magazine, and selected as a Village Voice Choice.
Happy Hour 7-8, cheap beers all night long
A monthly character comedy show w/street perfomers and weird stuff.

* Heather starts grad school in the fall so the show will be taking hiatus, with possible future shows once or twice a year. Rob is too sad to carry on by himself.

PS - check out this trivia from one of the movies on my summer watching list for school:
"The legend has it, that, after the incident when Klaus Kinski wanted to leave the set and Werner Herzog threatened to kill him and himself, Herzog directed Klaus Kinski with a gun pointed to him for the rest of filming."

Also, this is epic:

and this is also quite enjoyable:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm in boston. I ate large clams

hey! hi!
I just did 2 nights of comedy in Boston and tomorrow is my last one.
I'm twittettern stuff while I'm Bostoning

See me at the Rob Crean Show tomorrow/tuesday night 9:30 pm - at Obrian's at 3 Harvard Ave
Rob Crean is the tops, seriously - totally the tops.

I'll tell you more later.
I took pictures.
Ate some really large clams.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

(it's go time)

1. snuggie for dog
2. Hipsters people still writing about hipsters like they are an "other" uhh it's just kids being modern and getting fashionable, that's all, no big deal
3. New York Noise original quality television programming
4. Lawrence LaDouceur: The Bedford Ranter
5. Ellie Kemper has made it! Oh man is she a freakin talented young woman. First time I saw her was in a video by my friend Dan Gregor and Doug Mand and I was like - woah who is that? Here's her in a great video from Derrick Comedy:

6. I saw this No Deachhunter performance at Brooklyn Bowl

One of the best concerts I've been to in a long time. Venue was perfect (even though it was a last minute replacement, it was so fun!). Bloody Marys were perfect. The positive energy in the room was astounding. The view was great even for a shorty. It felt the most like the fun concerts I went to when I was 16. Bradford Cox and the No Age boys kill their guitars. So fun how you didn't have to wait between songs. Rock out. Opener Ed Schrader reminded me a lot of my very favorite muppet: ANIMAL

7. Frank Hejl, my concert and comedy buddy, got me an extra ticket for a secret Silversun Pickups show last Friday at 4:30
They were PHENOMINAL LIVE. Dude's voice is like an awesome psycho pixie. It was a flawlessly played accoustic set.

Here's a music video of theirs:

Download their albums, first ones are the best ones.

Chripstopher Meloni.

I told him I loved his dick cream. Yes really I did!

9. Phil Buccellato is a talented documentary filmmaker and here is his latest video "The Adventure of our Butts" check it out and vote for it! This man also hosted a killer pool party/bbq at his parents house in scenic Hillsdale NJ which brought my weekend to a pretty kickass level.

10. The terror crazy girl who lived with me has finally moved out. This is the very best thing that has happened omg omg holy crap fantastic I am beside myself.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I've got shows, In different area codes.

Boston this Sunday!

- Sun 8/9 8pm @ The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square
- Mon 8/10 8pm @ Underground Comedy at Cantab Lounge 738 Massachusetts Ave
- Tues 8/11 9:30pm @ The Rob Crean Show - O’Briens, corner of Harvard
and Cambridge, 3 Harvard Ave

- Weds 8/19 8pm @ Topsham Pantsuit Wednesday in Park Slope @ Pacific Standard 4th Ave. b/w St. Marks and Bergen

STREET MEAT in NYC at Cake Shop!
- Mon 8/24 8pm - hey that's the show that I co-host with Rob Lathan w/ special guests Jon Glaser (no really this time), Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt (no really this time), Mitch Magee and more! Last show before taking a break, next show will likely be at the end of the year.

I start grad school Sept 1, and I plan to use my brains on it and learn as much as possible - so I won't be putting new work into my live act, and there's no time to put together Street Meat shows - the show will become seasonal, a Christmas show, Summer show, etc. But no longer monthly. As for my performances, I'm happy to be invited to
shows, and come and do my current material here and there because it is a minimal time commitment. I'm not quitting comedy whatsoever, I'm using film school to develop as a comedy writer, director, and performer - and I'm really excited to learn greater cinematography skills so that I can create some really interesting stuff, the best
stuff I can make - and share it.

See talented boyfriend Adam Good's musical creation in an art show this weekend in Williamsburg! Friday 7-11 pm HERE

oh really? how can the experience of toothpaste be better than it is?

love is a close friend of fear
to be without love is the experience of hunger, sometimes starvation
to be with love forces you to reconcile wants and fantasy with reality.
object of desire vs real human being
ideas about what something should be vs what it actually is
to being what you can be
not knowing really really how to be what you are
look what she did
and is my mind less pure
or more real
more connected
because i'm not in a bubble
I'm allowing myself to get involved
many of the things that give my mind energy I now give to someone else and not to you

this toothpaste tastes so good.
the lady at the shop said it was special
i didn't know this kind of mouth flavor was possible.