Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I waved Goodbye! NIN: Wave Goodbye Tour, final shows at small clubs, Terminal 5 show 8/25/2009

This morning I feel really happy about my experience at the NIN show last night. I mean this is MY BAND! My favorite band in the whole wide world. I was shut out of tickets and that really upset me, but I made the move to go for some scalper tickets and found them at a decent price.

Trent Reznor is a man who LOVES MUSIC. You can't fake that kind of passion or pleasure. He loves sounds, he naturally makes the most aggressive testosterone driven intense noisy music - and at the same time composes absolutely beautiful soft, yet still complicated and refined songs - mainly for piano. He plays with whatever instruments and technology he can get his hands on to make his desired sound.

There's something incredibly perfect about the band, the man, the music, the career. I can't explain how or why it all comes together so perfectly, I'm happy it's ending on a high note.

As for last night's show at Terminal 5, I am very happy about where we stood and the comfort level. We were way up front the whole time and it was totally fine, not nearly as hot or smooshed as I've been before - and a good zone to experience the best of T5's sound which I've heard is bad in some places. I wasn't pleased that he played a good deal of With Teeth/The Slip - I like these albums but they don't excite me live like the older stuff. I also don't care for Peter Murphy so I wish David Bowie was the special guest! I have a feeling he might be tonight. Anyhow I really loved it, I love this band so much. I'll always remember last night's show very fondly.

More about last night's show on BV.

Now for some random interesting NIN/Reznor related things:
Check out the totally great photoset of Trent Reznor Yearbook photos on Flickr


The song "Wish" was one of the last hard songs he played last night. This song won a grammy in 1992 for best metal performance and also contains the lyrics "fist fuck"


Reznor Air Conditioners indeed have something to do with Trent, it's his grandpa's company

"Trent is a direct descendant of George Reznor, founder of the Reznor Company (founded 1888), a heating and air conditioning company. Although the family sold the business in the 1960s, Reznor equipment is still manufactured in Trent's hometown of Mercer, Pennsylvania." -- Wikipedia


My reports from past NIN concerts
- Front row at Garden State Arts Center 2006
(this is how front row I was!)
- Nov 2005 at MSG, my first show (note that when I was younger and in college I couldn't really afford their concerts - regret not going the - AND this show review is better than the one I've written here)
- Show this summer 2009 at Garden State Arts Center

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