Wednesday, August 05, 2009

(it's go time)

1. snuggie for dog
2. Hipsters people still writing about hipsters like they are an "other" uhh it's just kids being modern and getting fashionable, that's all, no big deal
3. New York Noise original quality television programming
4. Lawrence LaDouceur: The Bedford Ranter
5. Ellie Kemper has made it! Oh man is she a freakin talented young woman. First time I saw her was in a video by my friend Dan Gregor and Doug Mand and I was like - woah who is that? Here's her in a great video from Derrick Comedy:

6. I saw this No Deachhunter performance at Brooklyn Bowl

One of the best concerts I've been to in a long time. Venue was perfect (even though it was a last minute replacement, it was so fun!). Bloody Marys were perfect. The positive energy in the room was astounding. The view was great even for a shorty. It felt the most like the fun concerts I went to when I was 16. Bradford Cox and the No Age boys kill their guitars. So fun how you didn't have to wait between songs. Rock out. Opener Ed Schrader reminded me a lot of my very favorite muppet: ANIMAL

7. Frank Hejl, my concert and comedy buddy, got me an extra ticket for a secret Silversun Pickups show last Friday at 4:30
They were PHENOMINAL LIVE. Dude's voice is like an awesome psycho pixie. It was a flawlessly played accoustic set.

Here's a music video of theirs:

Download their albums, first ones are the best ones.

Chripstopher Meloni.

I told him I loved his dick cream. Yes really I did!

9. Phil Buccellato is a talented documentary filmmaker and here is his latest video "The Adventure of our Butts" check it out and vote for it! This man also hosted a killer pool party/bbq at his parents house in scenic Hillsdale NJ which brought my weekend to a pretty kickass level.

10. The terror crazy girl who lived with me has finally moved out. This is the very best thing that has happened omg omg holy crap fantastic I am beside myself.

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