Wednesday, August 19, 2009

knowledges: just had some

Sometimes people have great ideas for blogs. Sexy people pictures is great. Though I believe it is a ripoff of the one with family portraits. Here is an example:

The song "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen has been in my head the past couple days. It's a great song to fill the air during hot heat.

If you are a Leonard Cohen fan then you might find it interesting to know that there exists a short film "I am a Hotel" comprised of 5 Cohen songs. This video clip is from that film.

Top Chef is back on the air, I'm so excited! One of the contestants is Google's head chef. Interesting.

Speaking of foods, I have a new favorite restaurant! Cosmic Cantina on 3rd ave and 13th is amazing fresh healthy homemade affordable organic Mexican! And there's outdoor seating, and a good bar! And basically everything I like. Delightful, can't believe I never tried it till now.

other good news New tv shows for Louie CK, Paul Sheer, Nick Kroll.

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