Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So as a part of my film program, classes stop for 4 weeks when we shoot each other's films. We are a class of 36 divided into 6 groups of 6. We each take turns doing all of the roles in the crew - writer/director, director of photography (cameraman), assistant camera, sound, and producer/ad. And we each get one shoot off. Most shoots are 3 days. We did mine first! Now I'm sound person. It involves a lot of stress and running around and hurting your back and being up at 5am and standing outside in the cold. I'm tired, but I'm also quite happy. I had some scary times with the handling of my film itself, but I think all will end well. Best of all we had lots of fun and my parents spoiled us (our shoot took place in suburbia near my parents house), my actors Ann Carr, Rob Lathan, and Adam Good were amazing, so was my makeup artist ... ugh I'll wait till the film is done and share all of the great credits cause now I'm getting tired again.

In the meantime, a photo of young Martha Stewart when she was a model:

an article about lots of dead bodies in Washington Square Park

a creepy weird Martin Lawrence monologue for SNL back in the day

an interesting discussion on the topic of O sounds

and a photo of your parents

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