Wednesday, November 18, 2009

another moment with us together

I've started up classes again and have lots of things to do, which is fueling me with energy at the moment. All kinds of energies - positive and negative.

There's certain things you need to know.
One is that The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is an excellent and sophisticated film in spite of its title. It tells a story from a female perspective that is honest, not black and white, but true. There are many very subtle, delightful jokes in the film, everything from a funny framing to a wardrobe choice. The acting and directing are also superb. I hope Robin Wright gets an Oscar nom. I think Rebecca Miller, writer/director, could get an adapted screenplay award too.

I met Harvey Weinstein recently. He's a hilarious and friendly man. Which shocked and awed me.

And I saw the film NINE, and got to meet the cast. I'm not into musicals, but this was really well executed, and FULL of sexual energy. Penelope Cruz is going to make an impression on a lot of people's pulses. The finest moments to me were the opening with Daniel Day Lewis, and a scene during the screening of dailies with Marion Cottilard and DDL.

I've also seen the Wild Things movie when it opened. If you'd like diversity in this blog post - I did not like this film. Monsters should be monsters, not melodramatic turdburglers. I thought a story was forced out of the subject material that lost the original appeal of the book. Also, my favorite moment was missing - where the boy's room transforms into the forest. So sad, I do love Spike Jones. So I blame Eggers.

- Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing: full of vibrant energy and life. A critical look from the inside of brooklyn culture.

In school, for the next 4 weeks, we edit our 4 minute B/W film, we start pre-production for our upcoming 5 minute observational documentary, and we start reading the short stories we will adapt for our last project of 1st year - an adaptation. Busy month!

- Gregor's blog about great food of NYC/reflections on his life here before hopping over to LA


Joy Division and Buzzcocks, punk rock circa UK late 1970s, have been pumping up my jam majorly lately.

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