Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I'm going to perform some comedy again in early January.
So that's when I'll perform again.

And then I'll stop again for school.

And then I'll perform some more in the summertime most likely.

So that's when I'll perform some more again.
And then I'll stop for school.

This is a young Martin Scorcese LOOKING AT YOU.
He played a creepy man in his own movie, Taxi Driver, which I just watched.

To me taxi driver is about loneliness and the need for meaningfulness, specifically love and human connections, as a vital part of human existence.

Otherwise, the mind is chaos, and anything is possible as a consequence of an aimless and unloved human soul. Joys are random, the soul is detached.

This is a Windows 7 Whopper in Japan. It is a real thing.

- This is an article about Tim and Eric Awesome show which is pretty much the best thing going in new comedy.

- I really like the idea of Sonic Fabric but have yet to experience it. It's absolutely beautiful to revive old data.

- Read about the concept of Data Rot aka Bit Rot. Watch Google's great Vint Cerf talk about Data Rot among other things.

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