Monday, February 01, 2010

A Tale of 2 Hamburgers

I had fun with my Aesthetics II: Production Design Homework where we had to compare 2 images and discuss how color effects the feeling/impact of the imagery.

The burger on top is beautiful, sumptuous, exciting. I want to take a bite of that juicy happy burger. The reds and greens are fresh and inviting. The yellow is friendly. The toppings have a glorious sheen. They contrast against a gently colored bun. The burger itself is there, but its big bad brown color isn't as prominent.

The burger on bottom is a burger of shame. This is the burger of the bullemics. It's dark and ominous, bacon and cheese drooling down the eerie grayed brown sides of the meat. The whole scene is just depressing, shadowed, and bleak. This burger is someone's painful memory and shameful night. This is the burger that you ate when you got that nasty VD on that night when you drank too much and took those pills because you were trying to forget. Right?

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