Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm sitting on the floor

with my computer
because I'm emptying out this whackhouse apartment I've been living in all year. It's a bit floody and ick. Yesterday Obama HAD to give some speech on my block at Cooper(Pooper?) Union and so the block was closed off and it needlessly interfered with my moving process. Isn't it fun how politics are nothing but speeches and press junkets and nonsense? Yes it's very fun for excited young leaders of tomorrow, and excited olds who grabbed up their new suits for today and got chances to pretend things are important and urgenter than usual. Putting up baracades and talking on walkie talkies and making different lines for different people. WITNESS THINE IMPORTANCE!

Anyways. Just finishing up my first year of grad film. Editing the current project, which is a lovely process of self hate and fucking "fuck!"s yelled at footages or others who arent present, tickled by moments of oooh that's nice.

I'm not saying too much here - just been tired and not blogminded lately.

But I'll show you some things:
- Maniki
- Top Grossing Restaurants
- Green Bay Packers Green and Gold Men's Striped Gamebibs

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