Wednesday, July 07, 2010


On Sunday you can see the Dutch and Spanish battle it out to win the World Cup! I'm Dutch. Mom was born and raised. So Hup Holland Hup.

Do you know why the Dutch wear Orange (oranje voetbal!)?
- Because the original King of the Netherlands is King William of Orange - the kingdom once included Benelux and Spain ... so the orange color of Holland once included Spain as part of it's kingdom - and I'm pretty sure that William guy led a revolt against Spain to become an independent kingdom - and now they have to battle each other! omg

My favorite song of the past month:
The National - England
(song doesnt start till about 50 seconds in)

My very favorite thing I found in the web recently:
James Franco's appearance on GH.

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus
Terry Gilliam's latest and Heath Ledger's last. It's a mighty fine work, and something you don't see from film making much anymore. It's got the cosmically imaginitive more common in 80s films like Never Ending Story - really willing to go out on a weird limb, play, and not concern itself with being grounded whatsoever. Today's fantasy genre is dominated by the Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter/Narnia kind of stuff and this is very different. You see the creativity and heavily directed production design combined with the powers of CGI and I think Gilliam uses the digital effects tastefully (ie the opposite of the piece of cinematic trash called "Transformers") - the only other director who I think masters the creative use of digital effects similarly is Jeunet (Amelie, earlier work of City of Lost Children could be compared with Gilliam's Brazil). This is another film with unnecessarily antiquated gender roles so it doesn't score well there. And there are some sloppy moments so it's not a flawless piece of work - but you can easily get past that and marvel at the fantasy. You won't walk away from it saying it's totally amazing. But it's really something special, and makes me so happy to experience - the film wakens the childlike creativity inside.
Of note - young actress Lily Cole - so unusual looking, absolutely beautiful, fascinating on screen.

I had no idea how great this movie would be from the ads. It's actually the historical story of Nelson Mandela and his involvement with the South African Rugby team's World Cup victory in his first year of presidency. It's a perfectly made film and one of the best sports films I've seen. Well acted, well executed, and you learn something along the way.

Toy Story 3
Underwhelming, nothing special, perfectly good for families, not worth going to as an adult without kids. It's no Ratatouille! I love that movie.

Oh Dear
There is a thing called Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll. It's written and directed by Marilyn Manson. If this is a good thing, color me suprised!

Mike Patton + my favorite Michael Jackson song = I wish I was there.

No modern male singers, especially not in modern music, are better than Mike Patton (who also enjoys making weird vocal experiments!)

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