Friday, September 24, 2010

From one Democrat to another.

I am really beyond sick of the modern liberal.

Everybody knows right wing conservatives are crazy and scary. Whatever. People are afraid of things and draw crazy conclusions and like to manipulate religion to create hate. This sucks, and it's created centries of bad guys. At least we know the enemy. Republicans are predictable and pestilent.

But the modern liberal is just nausiating.
It's absolutely obnoxious the way people talk today with a assumption that all people must share their viewpoint. I feel that there's a complete lack of clarity in the formation of liberal viewpoints, and a sad level of "following" that's dangerous to progressive ideals. Modern liberals are so in love with ideas, they are out of touch with human realities. There seems to be a closed minded narrow path of thinking which doesn't allow for true understanding. People want to stand for something, and defend ideas so badly, they don't even exactly know what the ideas are. They are fed fear and hate and respond like lab rats.

This is the most fundamental lesson of the WTC mosque "thing."

I don't support the WTC "Islamic Center."
for example.

On any given day I will hear some liberal kid spout their mouth off about how they are alarmed at the hate and anti-Islamic sentiment as though anyone who opposes this center is assumed to be some lunatic who hates brown people.

First of all, I don't care for Islam. I don't care for Christianity either. I don't care for these sexist oppressive institutions which inspire fear, hate, and madness rather than unity and peace. They are greater monsters because they claim to be agents of peace and love, when the only sources of peace and love I've ever known to be true are in the hearts of individuals. Secular religions by nature, divide and demonize others.

It was a hostile move intended to "open dialogue" about Islam fears among people. "Open dialogue" is the biggest bullshit nonsense rhetoric and people are eating it up. "This conversation had to happen." Really? "conversation"? Because all I witness are a bunch of screaming, angry, incoherent assholes making absurd signs and spewing irrational messages. The WTC mosque is causing the evil pink ooze from the sewars to bubble up, feeding of people's hate and frustration, and then Vigo will come and we are going to have to bring the Statue of Liberty to stop it all and make things right (see Ghostbusters 2 please).

It was immensely refreshing to see Jon Stewart's response to have a march to restore sanity and sensibility. The very idea that the rally will only go till 3 "because we have a sitter" is the perfect sentiment needed now. People need to stop screaming and start living.

The people behind the Islamic Center are not peaceful, progressive individuals who will do anything to enhance the civil rights of Muslim Americans. They are just starting shit. Progress does not come from fucking with people. Progress does not come from fucking with Sept 11 and politicizing it when there are very real victims and very real graves. It's just not sensible.

How do you think anyone even learned that the Islamic Center would be near the WTC anyway? How would people know if it's really just an empty factory? BECAUSE THE PEOPLE BEHIND IT TOLD THE PRESS. They are doing this to arouse anger. They are starting a fight. They are upsetting their people - saying to Muslim people - "Hey look at all these people who hate you!" THAT'S NOT HOW YOU PROGRESS. That's not how you heal as a nation and move forward. It's not healthy for Muslim communities to be thrown into this shit. It's hostile, immature, and caustic.

Fighting can be healthy, but at this point the American people are wrapped up in something toxic and poisonous.

We need to LIVE. We need to be human to each other. Muslim people need to integrate themselves as individuals in our culture. Art needs to be created. Intelligent discourse and expression. That is the key. Speakers like Martin Luther King. Not violence. Wake up, because your liberal empathy is being pimped out.


Anonymous said...

Were you drinking when you wrote this?

Dr. K said...

I came across your blog randomly and saw this article.

I couldn't agree with you more. We need to start being human again. It's hard for me to phrase, but, I'll give it a shot. It's as if Americans, as a whole, are bored with just about everything, so, in response, they become overly passionate about certain political aspects. Not as in a healthy way, such as allying themselves with being republican, democrat, socialist, libertarian, or whatever, but as in becoming obsessive about the beliefs that go along with it. Back in my BA college days, I found relatively few people I could discuss politics with for precisely this reason. It kind of turns you off to politics all together...

Anywho, I just wanted to say that you're not alone in your thoughts.
-peace, love, and hope
Dr. K