Monday, October 25, 2010

Dude! It's Baby Tummy Oil


there were also these dogs that got put in Halloween costumies. It was very distressing for this woman and her mummy dawg:

I took both of those photos above with my camera phone - that means I WAS THERE!

Did you read Rob Delaney's great article about Comedy in Vice? It's a must read.

Frikkin look at this video:! Kids do all this crazy stuff all the damn time.

Did I tell you about this and that cool stuff I did? The internet is for that, right? I have been to the rooftop of the new James Hotel for a fancy book party for Palo Alto, and the owner or manager or whoever he said he was (who was also an Eddie Izzard not in drag lookalike) offered me to visit one of the hotel's penthouse suites! I said - "uh, that sounds like you are asking me to have sex with you." He replied - "Oh, well I am" EWWWW! NOT PROFESSIONAL NOT PROFESSIONAL. DO NOT WANT.

Hmm, what other awesome stuff have I been so awesomely doing? I went to some cool CMJ shows and scored a badge from performer/friend Baratunde. We hit up the artist's lounge and got FREE STUFF. I LOVE FREE STUFF. Free food is the best kind of food. Free drinks is the best drink I like to drink. Free stuff is the best kind of stuff I want to have. I have cool cmj 2010 bags now! And YOUTUBE TUBE SOCKS. I live the life. Of note - meeting Nada Surf at a free show at a soho art gallery (because that's what happens in NYC!) and catching some of Rooftop Vigilantes who were so great live. Then I decided CMJ was kind of lame and went to bed instead of meeting Claudia at Brooklyn Bowl WHERE LORD KANYE SHOWED UP! Uff. Kanye!!! He can't help it but be cool and make great music in spite of his complete inability to not let douchebags fall out of his mouth when he talks. The man is a damn artist in all senses. I'd have liked to see that performance.

Let's see, anything else really awesome?
I also saw Mike Leigh's "Another Year" at the NY Film Festival and got to see the director and cast speak about it. The film is a deeply felt portrait of desperation. Well done, don't love it because it didn't reach me in a special place, but nonetheless well done, and that Mike Leigh has got something to say. And the acting is top notch.

And recently I checked into FourSquare at FourSquare HQ! They gave me a cookie and a tshirt. That really happened and the cookie was really good.

There's definitely all this really great stuff to say, photos from my camera phone that could be posted and I could check in and let everybody know all this really cool shit, but I gotta go do all this other great stuff because I'm great!
ardf .239hn!

ah. found them.
good night.

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