Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Please Vote for my video!

Hi friends,

I made a comedy video years ago, randomly entered it into a youtube contest, and now it's one of 25 finalists!
It's the "Time Warner Cable Short Film Contest" in association with IFC on Youtube, and if I win - I get to go to the Sundance Film Festival!!!

This would be so damn awesome.
If you would be so kind as to vote for my video:

ANYBODY with a GMAIL ACCOUNT can vote! A Gmail account login can be used to login to Youtube.
You can vote ONCE PER DAY if you are really generous and loving. ***


Select "THINK DIFFERENT" and press the THUMBS UP!
(to log in, click "log in", at the top right of the page, you can use your gmail to login)

Thank you!
- Heather

Written/Directed by Heather Fink
Featuring Kevin Allison as Mr. Anderson
with Rob Lathan, Ed Mundy, Dan Fontaine, Julia Segal, and Heather Fink.

Producer: Ben Joseph; Camera: Paul Rondeau; Editor: Ed Mundy
PAs: Evan Silverstein, Stephen Fagen

Monday, November 08, 2010

Right now, everything is exploding and dinosaurs are terrorizing my streets.
If it was a lizard or a contained fire, I could fight it.
I don't have the ability to stop neither dinosaur nor explosion.
The best thing I can do is go on living.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

and btw

for every rap video that scared white people
think about how damn scary white people must have seemed in every episode of the lawrence welk show

The material possession I most covet right now is a pair of Swedish Hasbeens (the Jodphur, in black with natural wood) BUT no matter where I look they are 300-450 dollars. There's no way around it. HEY THAT'S TOO MUCH MONEY! Hey hey hey hey wtf hey stop being so expensive stop stop stop hey!!! UGH THEY AREN'T LISTENING. What do I want with shoes that can't listen anyway. Nevermind I'll just wear my reebocks.

I saw the Social Network. It's a fine movie, better than I expected. So far the most genius movies I've seen this year are Fair Game, Social Network, and Inception. All 3 are so solid, they are too be enjoyed, no way around it.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

sometimes the moment you are put into a new world
meeting someone new
its so un erasable
so intensely meaningful
you cant change it
and you cant leave the whole world because you already connected to this person
(we actually unlearn the natural inclination to connect after being burned)
and its the web of connections that holds our bodies up from the sea of death
if you kill yourself, you murder all the connective webs that tie
between you and those who know you
and today if you cant see yourself mattering much
that's because today just isn't tomorrow
you don't know tomorrow
do not go gentle into that good night