Sunday, November 07, 2010

and btw

for every rap video that scared white people
think about how damn scary white people must have seemed in every episode of the lawrence welk show

The material possession I most covet right now is a pair of Swedish Hasbeens (the Jodphur, in black with natural wood) BUT no matter where I look they are 300-450 dollars. There's no way around it. HEY THAT'S TOO MUCH MONEY! Hey hey hey hey wtf hey stop being so expensive stop stop stop hey!!! UGH THEY AREN'T LISTENING. What do I want with shoes that can't listen anyway. Nevermind I'll just wear my reebocks.

I saw the Social Network. It's a fine movie, better than I expected. So far the most genius movies I've seen this year are Fair Game, Social Network, and Inception. All 3 are so solid, they are too be enjoyed, no way around it.

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