Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movie Review: Black Swan

This film explored female power issues and female sexuality in a successful and fresh way. The acting was great, and I think Mila Kunis actually had the most difficult role to pull off - holding ground in such a real, whole, human manner in the midst of such a dramatically overwraught environment.

People call the film melodramatic - but I do think the acting is on point. Natalie plays a character that's very true - a self serious, sheltered, weak and classically feminine character - whose sense of self is being ripped open. What I think is more accurate is that the film is ridiculous. It's so ridiculous in so many moments.

But Aronofsky is always very successful in making you feel powerful negative emotion - especially anxiety (Pi and Requiem!).

He also made a genre film - of psychological thriller - but I do think that while the audience always had some fun and excitement - they were lost in moments when it was too ridiculous (stabbing in the face?) some of it just seemed random and meaningless piled on top of everything. But the majority of this film is needed and successful when put together to create the world, feelings, and character he set out to create.

I think his depiction of female desire, struggle, and sense of self are fresh, innovative, and something special.

When you leave the film you might not feel - oh I enjoyed that! Oh that's my favorite! But rather, a feeling that you were impacted, made to experience specific emotion. And that final moment is true camp ridiculous - almost reminded me of the crazy smiling faces in the Black Hole Sun video.

I like this unrelated video:

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