Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My thoughts on Egypt Situation:

- Democracy: Good
- People's Revolution: Awesome
- Violence and destruction: Horrible
- Lack of any ruling structure: Going to create real problems
- The state of life for those in Egypt right now: unsafe and not conducive to ordinary life
- Egypt and Israel: Clearly the people of Egypt don't want Mubarak in power, and I trust that they know what's better for them than I do. They say he's terrible and oppressive, I'll believe them, because I don't know what it's like to live there. So there's a concern - whoever is next needs to be an ally of Israel. A democratic leader.

Yes I support Israel as a state. I don't see it as black and white. People complain about the Palestinian underdog - and I agree that they have a right to their land and their homes. I also believe that Israelis and Jews have a right to Israel - and the way they are portrayed as being powerful oppressors is ridiculous. Israel is a tiny country of few inhabitants. The inhabitants living there are a highly advanced society because it is a free state, founded in democracy and respect for human rights. Where gays and women are treated as human beings, and the conservative and the progressive live together. Education, technology and art flourish in Israel. This is where their power stems from.

There's so few Jews left in the human population, and they made a state in Israel following the genocide of the Holocaust. Palestine as we know it today was created by the British government in the 1900s. Both are new. Now - the people that live in Palestine had it as their home regardless of whatever it was called, and I don't think it's ok to take someone's home
The middle east is FUCKING HUGE. There are massive spans of land controlled by muslim people where they can live as muslims openly and free.
Israel is TINY, just about the size of New Jersey, and that's all that is being fought for, in a place of profound spiritual significance to the Jewish people.

What I don't agree with is any notion of exclusion and separating people by the ridiculous abstract labels humans create (Jew or Muslim or Christian, once there's a label, there's exclusion and separation). There lies the problem.

But I truly admire Jewish history, culture, and people. I admire the artistic and technological achievements of Israelis, and their country is a magical place.

Israelis are human, Arabs are human. There are assholes among both groups. There are also humans among both groups for which we must share compassion, as we are fellow human beings.

The conflict in Gaza - Israel vs Arab world - both sizes are demonized in insane propaganda wars.
Don't believe anything you read or take hateful press at face value.

Anyone who demonizes the Israelis is a fucking asshole.

I do have a problem with Islamic extremists.
I have a problem with all extremists. I have a problem with sexist and oppressive cultures too.

I hope that when the chaos is over, Egypt becomes a peaceful, progressive democracy.

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