Saturday, April 16, 2011

a face unhindered by all your mistakes*

these are some things i really like but i feel i am in such a rush there is neither time nor gumption to write something of substance in this box

but in order to close all the tabs open in my browser, i better embed and cut and paste

if only life's great burdens couldn't find me like when in subway no gps
but it's all atlas on shoulders, shrugging, being existing
time to blog
the abundant redundant

see this:

new movie casa de mi padre!

my roommate is the blond girl dancing ooh

these guys were just mind blowing

some word things you click at:
- hd tape shortage
- new coke
- the burning

articles about two of the actors in my newest film! to screen May 7 in NYC!
- Ann Carr
- Hannibal Buress

a photo from the LES film festival where Saving Mr Whiskers was screened

as for my thoughts and reflections?
i'm turning 30, not really interested in capitalization anymore
i moved to an apartment i really like in the east village that has a nice outdoor space and previously referred to roommate who is also very nice, good new beginnings
i'm trying to unscramble my brains to determine which projects to do next, it will be a combination of some of the following: finish feature script(s), finish pilot, shoot tv commercials, shoot more shorts
i should work out more often
and maybe try microderm abrasion because they say there's diamonds that scrape your age off your face*

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