Sunday, May 15, 2011

Movie Reviews

Here's a bunch of stuff I saw in the past coupla months:

The Good Doctor: Orlando Bloom stars in this mix of genres (drama thriller comedy mystery?) Extremely well executed on all levels - shot selection, well composed frames, editing, acting, writing, direction, production design. Great choices made all around. Saw it at Tribeca, watch it when it comes to theatres or DVDs near you.

Perfect Family: Sorry to say, one of the worst movies I've seen. Bad cartoonish acting, weak over expository script, fake looking not-believable set design. Also seen at Tribeca. I loved you in War of the Roses Kathleen Turner ...

Spread: Very watchable, sexually explicit in a great way. Voice over should just be edited out of the film though - it's really bad and not needed. Otherwise Kutcher does a great job at creating a hateable character - you will definitely hate him, but I think it's a truthful portrait. Pretty amazing sex scenes though. Anne Heche is taking care of herself. Shows the vapidness of modern Los Angeles. Some goofy plot points, but there's a satisfying ending. Not sure how Demi Moore let Ashton get away with all that hot on-screen action though ...

Dogfight: Made by my current directing teacher, Nancy Savoca, in 1991, starring River Phoenix and Lily Taylor. A perfect lovely film! Great acting, directing, interesting script, compelling all around. Made me wonder how Nancy got the chance to direct such a great script and team for her first feature. Either way, it pays off wonderfully. Also noticed that the Producer, Production Designer, and Editor are all current teachers in my program. Neat.

Salt: Angelina Jolie does a great job in this. Weak plot, the "discoveries" of the story aren't particularly rewarding, but it's well made, keeps your attention, is fun.

Runaways: Confused by the film's message - are they really trying to depict these girls as stupid and aimless while this guy Kim Fowler did all the work? Cause that's what came across. Something seems weird about that. Overall, it's worth watching - flawed but good.

Vicious Kind: Great acting by Adam Scott, Britney Snow also good. Poor movie overall with strong performances and some interesting scenes.

Rabbit Hole: Great movie. Wonderful acting and directing. Unfortunate that the main characters are so clearly defined (some of Kidman's not wanting to have sex seemed off, some of Eckhart's perfectness felt off) but I'd forgive all that, it's a great film. Made me cry! But it was a good cry. I was really impressed by Director John Cameron Mitchell's choices.

Kick Ass: Extremely watchable as a modern take on super heroes. It attempts to answer the question, what if someone really decided to be a super hero? And it answers that partially, unfortunately. The problem is it's mixing fantasy with reality in a way that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Sometimes the violence is too realistic, it stops being fun and starts being perverted - I don't really want to see a little girl be brutally beaten, while she's in fun costumes like it's cool. That's just weird and a touch jon benet for me. And as it attempted to be fresh and new - it was still extremely ass backwards when it came to its depiction of adult females. All women are sexy damsels or stupid (the main character's only reason he said he liked 'the girl' was that she was "beautiful, kind, and lovely"). All important characters are male aside from one little girl, who gets all her training from a man, her father. There's something really good and new about the movie though, and I appreciate that. It's just also bit disturbing, because this is clearly feeding the minds of the adolescents it targets, and feeding the angst of those 'nerds' who look at themselves as victims of the world, but are just as much of a sexist angry jerk as their jock counterpart.

Lars and the Real Girl: Good directing and great acting is the only way to make a story like this work. I'm always wanting to keep watching, but man, I don't know what to make of this story or script. There's some stupid moments, but it also plays with the audience's expectations a lot and has fun.

Fish Tank: Majorly recommend - excellent film and performances. Hot and alive. Fassbender is awesome with his shirt off. Great directing, writing, fantastic low budget effort.

The Other Guys: Sexist, backwards trash - don't even get me started. LOVED the cast, loved seeing some of the UCB stars shine, they redeemed it at moments.

Running on Empty: Totally awesome Lumet drama starring River Phoenix and Martha Plimpton from 1988.

The Fighter: Holy Crap. HOW DID KING'S SPEECH WIN THE OSCAR? Seriously? Up against Social Network, Black Swan, The Kids are Alright, and the Fighter? COME ON! I haven't even seen True Grit yet. Having a good story and a well made film isn't enough to be the best, it has to be more than that! Back to the Fighter - it's more than that! Ugh it's just like so freaking great. In every way.

And back around to TV:
Parks and Recreation has been my favorite sitcom this year. I LOVE all the characters and writing. It's just plain smart and well executed. Keeps getting better and better.

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