Thursday, June 02, 2011

from the man loving feminist

Sometimes I feel helpless without a man in my life this year.
Dad who can't do dad things anymore, no boyfriend. This whole year every time I have to move something, lift something, fix something, I wish I had a good man to help me out.

A man is someone who will be there to support you with muscle. It's a man's world and women's bodies have physical limitations. A lot of simple things were designed for men, like jars that need opening, things that are up high, things that are heavy, streets that are dangerous.

Bad men ruin the world and oppress the souls of women in dehumanizing ways.

But good men are the kind that are there for you, can be relied upon, be supportive, help you out, and they don't expect anything more than friendship or kindness in return.

I must admit, there's a special kind of comfort provided by the larger structured male human being. Even if it is sometimes just to protect me from other large structured male human beings.

I also prefer larger torsos in hug situations.

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