Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Doing these stuffs:

Hey y'all
things change
I used to be a daily blogger and now I'm a mere periodic updater.
WHAM! YEAH WHOOHOOOO it's not 2007 anymore baby.

What am I doin?!

Here's what I'm doin:
- November 1st on a farm in Morris County NJ, I'm directing a 35mm commercial. It will star 2 indie rockstars! BV lovers, this one is for you. And also for me. And my reel.
- November 15-17 I'll be directing a short film I wrote in upstate NY. It's going to be a short comedy thriller, and I'm THRILLED about this one guys! No really, I think it will be fun, and I'm really looking forward to sharing it.
- October 28 (this Friday) I'm having a staged reading of my sitcom pilot script.

This is the 3rd year of NYU Grad Film school, last year of classes and then we have 1-3 years to complete our thesis.

I'm going after my comedy writer/director ambitions with a 3 prong ATTACK:
- commercial
- tv
- feature

I'm gonna shoot some more commercial stuff over the summer to beef up my commercial reel, by the time I'm done w 3rd year (May 2012) I want to complete my sitcom package and meet with tv peeps, and I've finished a draft of my feature script, I'll be revising it and fundraising for that. I'd like to shoot the feature in May 2013 as my NYU Grad Thesis.

So now you know.

And also to pay bills I'll be working as a sound mixer on film shoots. That means I'm this person that sits there with a recording machine, and puts microphones on people and spaces to record the sound you hear in the movie!

Sometimes I'll do acting but that's just when something cool comes along. Standup is on hold. Maybe I'll do it again after this whole filmmaking thing is in high speed motion.

So now you REALLY KNOW.

F yeah omg yes yah eayh yeah.

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