Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inside things

Here's new things I'm in:

- I acted in this short film:
Party on the 49th Floor
(I'm in the 3rd scene)

- I acted AND recorded sound in this ATT commercial
You Will

- I recorded sound for this video with Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth for Gilt

- and I'm performing standup comedy tonight, June 26 at 9:30pm on this show:
Camp Sunshine

How about them apples.

with a brief interruption from
apple spoon
that's so unnatural
now I'm angry


Anonymous said...

hey, of course, can you guess, i want to get inside. my need is that of a guantanamo bay prisoner. aside from that, i really think i could help in the creative process in the extreme. hope you can take that at said value. im 30ish watched the Mtv's the State and many other greats. my imagination cuts reality to shreds, in the real and the absurd. i have no particular online identity, old friends of mine left me to drift. i wash toilets, lick boots and kick almighty ass back through its fabled teeth. please post a reply soon here. if there's any place i can be in your service, i will run, hike, stalk or kill for a shot. i have nothing holding me, maybe cept for an empty pocket. love mr my ip. theres much more , that takes time to pull from the swollen grey matter that pulsates abridging gaps in time and demension. but im hoping you'll throw me a line that you could allow me to give you facinations that are truly due. please.

Heather Fink said...


Anonymous said...

that response seems just a bit inappropriate, but if its any measure of your masogonistic humor im glad to hear it. do you have potatoe dumpling in registrar or even a micky mouse jumper for bedtime drama. if so i want to press hamcheese hocks thru toasted sweater in inclement weather for babysalad rotisserie golden love pancakes. too bad for quardatic amputee monkey stool stuck to the side of sticky sloth ridden fecal recepticles. inkeepers could douche the kouth booth with the truth Ruth. sleeping with your satisfaction could be positraction in action without malefaction. maybe we could cruise for the floosey blues in a ruse that would make the spring confused with the rendition of my undulating and cosmic muse. have you more than that for cues?