Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My upcoming feature film

I suppose it's worth mentioning here:

I'm currently in development on my 1st feature film, which will shoot in NYC/Montauk/Hamptons in summer 2013.

It's a Sci-Fi Comedy journey - working title "http 404"

right now:
- seeking investors
- casting

This project may be especially interesting to:
- female engineers and scientists
- web companies
- science foundations
- the comedy community
- the film society of the Hamptons, and the Montauk and Long Island communities

email me:
404moviecasting@gmail.com for all CASTING inquiries - no exceptions no facebook notes no emails to other addresses please!

theheatherfink@yahoo.com for all investment and PRODUCTION inquires - thanks!

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Eden Abais-Candolea said...

goodluck to you :)