Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My official position on Lena Dunham


I mean holy crap - look at her go! She's got movies and tv shows and Judd Apatow works for her, and she does whatever the fuck she wants! And people like it! She might be the MOST enviable person the world has seen in years. I BET you are jealous too - Lena Dunham jealous even strikes the already famous people!

And then I get mad because she was born rich and privileged and then got people to give her really big opportunities and big breaks when she was super young and she didn't have to sweat and bleed to earn it. Not fair!

I'm not rich. Well actually no that's not fair. I'm definitely more privileged than starving kids in starvation places and have much to be grateful for. But let's just say I wasn't born into any advantages in this industry, and I've had an very intense underdog streak that involved punishments from teachers that I like to talking to my therapist about. I'm still underdog streaking. I'd like to win. All the losses are character building and adding up to ONE BIG SUPERMASSIVE PAYOFF! Right? Right yes don't off yourself.

Now -
I've barely seen the show. I don't have cable and can't seem to download episodes. I've got to get my hands on dvds. I've seen the pilot and didn't like it cause of all the privileged bitches and non-problems but I feel like it's still probably totally good. Everybody says so. I actually took time and watched every clip and scene HBO put out there and I liked all of them a lot. Seriously funny and well executed. I have a feeling the show is great and she does good work.

Exhibit A:

Furthermore -
Part of my life's mission is to foster a universe that respects women - ultimately bringing us closer to world peace and reducing violence against women. And an essential way to get there is to humanize women in society and see them as funny, capable, real, and whole beings instead of rapeable fuckholes that can make brownies.

And Lena Dunham is a good writer and director
And Lena Dunham is a girl, whose body isn't anorexic or plastic cause she's not obsessed with fitting the mold
And Lena Dunham shares the same ideals as I in film with regards to realism, humor in the small truthful moments, and throwing shame out the window
And people are listening to Lena Dunham. And they like and respect it. And they are laughing.

So - I wanted Amy Poehler, the absurdly talented remarkable hilarious comedy actress she is to win the acting award that Lena got. She's so fantastic and groundbreaking and generous and hardworking and deserves it. She's a Hillary. And she never gets to win.

But Lena got it.

Lena is doing all good things.
She is doing them well.

God bless her for that.
She is making a difference in the perception of women amongst our culture. We need more of it in an endless storm of female comedy competency. That's what I want. Storm! Blam Blam Blam so many amazing women doing comedy that the ARTICLES WILL STOP TALKING ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT WOMEN ARE FUNNY. Because for fuck's sake it's OBVIOUS. Everybody knows some funny women in life and tv now.

It's all summed up in the anecdote that at the 2012 Emmys, Louis CK whispered to Lena Dunham:

"What you are doing is important."

I agree.

So in summation I guess I need to say Thank You to Lena Dunham. I've just gone on about my jealousy and feelings about fairness but I'd be a douchebag idiot not to appreciate all of the good that is happening because of Lena's work.
And sincerely Thank You for the show Girls. One small step for womankind.



Can I have some? My turn.

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Anne said...

Hi Heather-
I found your blog via Tony Carnevale's post on facebook. I felt very similar to you about Girls at first. But I've downloaded the first season and I now love it. It's just so cringy and honest and good. And I'm 100% with you about how happy I am that a non-anorexic woman with everyday looks is kicking ass in comedy.

As for the privileged part, yes, it's annoying. She got a lot of breaks. And the best part is, she got a lot of breaks and didn't blow them. There are many, many other kids of the wealthy and connected that do.

Good luck! Fingers crossed you'll get your HBO deal someday.