Monday, April 15, 2013

Write Up in Dan's Papers

Hey dudes,

Here's an article about me and my film "http 404"

Thanks Dan's Papers :)

And PS - the show the mentioned that I loved from The State was called Stella.  I started going to see them live in 1997.  I never even got carded and I was totally friggin young.  It was awesome.

What was also awesome was witnessing some of the most incredible talent in a variety show on a live stage.  Pre-youtube they made the most hilarious low budget comedy shorts and they were made just for the live show.  Later on they made DVDs they would sell at the show and it was a treasure to get your hands on one.  Now it's all online.  Those guys are probably the most influential on me and my comedy hopes and dreams.  Here's my blog shoutout thank you for all the memories and inspiration!  I've even had the delight of having Michael Showalter as a screenwriting teacher, and Kevin Allison as an actor in one of my shorts.  Happy as a clam about that.  I LOVE CLAMS.  Clams are my friends and we go running together.

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