Saturday, June 08, 2013

Brainstorm session on Mass Shootings.

You don't need to say "my heart goes out to the victims of the shootings"  because OF COURSE it does.  It better.  This is happening enough that our heart has gone out over and over again and I'm sure that unless you actually know the victims/families involved, our new emotion, beyond sympathy, is confusion and fear of a new normal.  This is too crazy.  Like sci-fi future movie crazy.  There's something wrong with the machines we've created on this earth as human beings.  The killing machines, the video games.  The movies.  And I don't think that our machines and inventions shouldn't exist.  But look, there's major consequences to their existence.  The impact of the now frequent mass shootings on society as a whole has yet to be understood.

I offer no wise reflection, conclusion, or solution.

Only a mirror which points to these basic facts:
- Mass shootings occur when human beings use sophisticated man-made inventions
- Mass shootings can be fantasized about and experienced virtually in video games, and are depicted in movies for entertainment
- News reporting is a major part of the spectacle of a mass shooting, and shooters become famous
- Fame is desirable to many people, and one way of seeking fame is by carrying out hugely impactful acts
- Murder is about as impactful as it gets

- On the one hand society with mass shootings is more scary and violent
- On the other hand as culture has become more civilized, it has become more peaceful and respectful (medieval times, civil war, slavery, colonization, salem witch trials, holocaust, inquisitions, gladiators)

Can we, as modern humans in a modern society, be trained to fight the insane and unpredictable?  Be trained as an average citizen to be tactical in the face of crazy? In the face of superstorms?

Practical or paranoid?

And we can't expect parents to raise children who don't do these things.  We know that we must love our children and teach them understanding - but as free as each individual is, and as little control as we have over each other - that's not going to happen.  Shitty parents exist, will always exist.  So then too will bullies, abuse, and neglect - it is a reality and saying "It's up to the parents to raise better kids and teach them!" is naive and foolish - though true.  Too bad we can't force ourselves into everyone's home and force jerks to be good parents, and everyone to make no mistakes.  We can't.

We can however create video content, art, and expression that shapes minds into compassionate people.

I feel like reality television where idiots are the star of the show, and the show focuses on humiliating its subjects - is not helping.

What could help?

I imagine the natural social evolution will offer something.  I don't believe our future holds extreme worlds like Hunger Games, Demolition Man, Gattaca, or similar.  I believe as we evolve, there's always balance - for all horrors, beauty emerges in equal measure.

So on that note at least, there's hope.  After all, more humans feel sympathy, and more humans will say "my heart goes out to the victims" than not.

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