Friday, October 11, 2013

New Video: PBR Spec Commercial

Here's my newest video - a PBR spec commercial.
I made this because I would like to direct (and write) comedy commercials and I wanted to make something that felt more mainstream.

Afterthoughts:  I love the performances and am happy overall, but the truth is I'm sad about the budget restrictions.  This commercial would be much better with a higher art budget, especially with the fun of the old timey world's fair.  And it would look great if it wasn't shot on DLSR.  To be honest I'm really sick of the look from those cameras, and especially with commercial/period you want to shoot on film or a better camera like Alexa or Red.   I do feel the team who contributed did the very best with our restrictions!  I owe a ton of thanks for their talent and hard work.

My 2 previous spec commercials:
- Chevy
- Ehrmann yogurt

Judges - Trevor Williams and Jacqueline Novak
Contestants (in order of appearance) - Greg Barris, Sarah-Violet Bliss, Temesgen Tocruray, Channing Pickett, and Mark Normand
Hipster - Jordan Brown

Writer/Director - Heather Fink
Producer - Brian Blum
DP - James Schlittenhart
AD - Devin Sheperd
Sound - Eric Au
Art Director - Michelle Carl
Art - Eric Grossman
HMU - Jessica Mellow
Assoc Producer - Daven Falconer
PA - Nick Assardo
PA - Dylan Brown

Editor - Steve Pristin

Shot on Location at
Broken Land Bar
McGolrick Park
in Greenpoint Brooklyn

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mosta said...

your commercials remind me of children strangers...

it is like a stranger in a strange land...

William Shakespeare to be or not to be...

will we be fruitful and multiply?