Friday, December 27, 2013

On Confidence, and then also, On Red Bottom Shoes

I’m comfortable with myself.  Why?  Because I know I’m human and it’s illogical to feel shameful about most thoughts and actions which are in all probability entirely natural.

I certainly believe most people should just get over stupid hangups and fears and anxieties and get out and live.  I’m sure this isn’t easy for everyone but really

Confidence is a matter of logic.

I don’t think I’m so different from everyone, and therefore it is also true that it’s not possible for people to be better than me, or worse than me.  We are all human.  There are assholes and angels but no person is categorically superior or inferior than another.

Do you think there’s people out there who are so much cooler than you, with more access and exclusivity?  Well the super rich and famous can be totally insecure, and have not had access to the more ordinary, risky, dirty life.  And those with access to the more ordinary, risky, or dirty imagine that richness is exclusive and special and so they buy brand name things.

I recently read an article about the day in the life of an IT GIRL and I thought she was a dork and I knew cooler stuff to do than she did.  And who the F am I?  Nobody? Somebody?  Yes, I'm just some lady.

Why is the boss the boss?  Why would I believe they are inherently more important or superior than I?  Certainly the only thing that can set most people apart is experience - but as for innate ability I have little reason to believe that I can't get where I want to be compared to someone else.  There's only a few places in life where talent sets us apart - the actual creative arts, sports. 

People have all kinds of hangups, sexually, with their careers, with whatever stupid nonsense they tell themselves is in the way.

It’s illogical.


Being human is also magnificent but at the end of the day,
we all go pee pee and should be flossing our teeth.

And in conclusion furthermore also I really don't understand why anyone would buy weirdly expensive handbags or shoes.  Dubai.  Nouveau riche.  Bad taste.  Money hemorrhage.

Now we have moved on to an entirely new topic.

There's rich people with good taste, and then rich people who look like the bile of a high end shopping mall.  A conveyor belt of similar hair, skin, shoes, and bags.

The sadness the heart feels
seeing money wasted

That's what you look like walking down the street, bad taste rich person.  Not sexy.  But like broken dreams, starving children, and failed kickstarter attempts ...

Your Louie Vuitton bag a corpse of hope

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Away Message

Hi internet

I will be in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Dec 9-22

and also in Iceland Dec 28 - Jan 7


only emails


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Camera/DP: James Schlittenhart
Editor: Nicole Michaelis
Producer: Brian Blum
AD: Devin Shepherd
Sound: Eric Au

This has been a spec commercial by Heather Fink because she wants to be hired to direct real commercials.  Please consider her and the talented people with whom she has collaborated for their respective talents.

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