Thursday, January 30, 2014

being a feminist can be about all kinds of things

I'm a feminist and proud.  I am definitely cool with the label.

Did you know we come in all different forms?

I'm not so into the women's groups that are all super serious and are all about serious films about sad people in sad situations.

I think there's equal importance in women being fucking awesome in the most visible ways possible.

I believe in social change and the acquisition of power by action and example.

So therefore, there is a social imperative for women to find it in themselves to be bold, powerful, funny, gangsta, sexual, interesting, and unpredictable.

I feel this is the most affective way for us to be what we want and what the world needs us to be.

Make the world a better place not with guilt and focusing on suffering and what's wrong in the world, but in embracing that which is right, and making it moreso.  And then spreading it around.

nothing but pure pleasure comes from cinema when it features strong female heroes

keep it up B


Zoom zoom Earheart

Fucking TELL IT Anita

Can't even handle this one.  IDOL

female power comes in many forms and I don't hate on a babe with smarts (just look at the power in her eyes!  she nukes empty vacant stares with what's she's got going on in there!)

and this one was hilarious and intelligent and a true comedian though she's not always appreciated for that

google carol bartz (notice i said da verb google. nerd joke!)

I just want you to tell me what to do please.

Hedy Lamarr invented early technologies that make your bluetooth and iphone possible.  And is babe.

and THIS ONE is some kind of goddess sent from the heavens - have you seen what she's doing with "smart girls"  fuggedaboutit

Ok that's all you get for now.

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