Tuesday, January 28, 2014

what am I doin

if you are asking what am I doin?

here's the answer to what I'm doin:
- working on a new feature script that I can also direct, that will also be less expensive to shoot (fewer locations, fewer characters, etc) this would be my thesis film for NYU Grad ... so I can git that MFA already.  We have a few years after classes are over to work on our thesis projects and I've been out 2 years almost ...
- working sound to pay the bills, which I do enjoy, though it's slow season aka writing season at the moment
- developing a new sitcom idea that I'd like to package and shoot a short promo for
- shooting comedy shorts that I come up with from time to time because doing that keeps me going
- learning Dutch as I barely know it, I'm finally buckling down and taking classes so I can actually really know how to speak it, and perhaps work in film there as well

what are you doin

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