Saturday, May 10, 2014

Beware the Fem-cho Garbage, ladies

It’s fine and wonderful to like makeup and cupcakes.  I like those things.  But when I look at those YouTube ads for the makeup lady and cooking and self esteem videos I’m grossed out.  Is THIS what a girl is?  I feel like this Pinteresty garbage is turning women’s brains into cute zombie mush.

I don’t like cute and I don’t like quirky.  I find "quirky" deeply repulsive in both men and women and I suspect I'm not alone.  Then again I’m pretty macho for a hetero woman.  But also not!  Hey I’m possibly the best manicured boom operator in the union!

Feminine isn’t pastel colors and those stupid freakin cake shop fonts they toss around.

True femininity is more subtle and personal than that.   It's those indescribable moments when someone catches you being a girl.  Or it's how you can't help but move your body.  The rest of it - the really surface stuff - much like superficial masculinity — ya know unjustified “macho” ness - is terrible.

So I don’t know what to call it - being Fem-cho?

It’s Fem-cho garbage, ladies.

Being CUTE isn’t about being the living embodiment of “girly home” magazine.  That shizz is just annoying.  Sometimes not annoying, but - too much of it makes you an empty lil cream puff.  Do your makeup so your face looks nice.  Spend extra time on cupcakes if it’s for someone special and you really enjoy it.  BUT FOR FARKS SAKE aside from making them for a special occasion, if you’re not an entrepreneur with your own cupcake business - IT’S KINDA LAME.

LIPGLOSS IS NICE FOR THE 10 SECONDS IT TAKES TO APPLY IT.  And I totally understand getting sucked into fun makeup times and girly stuff sometimes - it is fun and nothing to be ashamed of.  But - fluff is fluff.

Being a human being (remember girl, you are one of those) requires more than cuteness to do it right.  Ever notice how someone who comes off as too cute seems really fake?  That's because too much of it feels like a mask over the person's friggin soul.  Don't mask your soul with garbage!  Let 'er rip!!!  Healthy doses (HEALTHY DOSES!) mixed with real life experiences, honest human interaction, and some self-awareness (ask yourself the hard questions on a regular basis) and you won't be a vanilla pudding head fem-cho.

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Derek Horne said...

Well-written Heather.
If I was a woman, I would want to be you!