Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Inside You Update - Something Happened Yesterday.

Yesterday, I lost my shoot!  We turned the truck around on it's way to check out the equipment because (long story short) we lost a lead cast member due to an emergency, without enough time to re-cast, and pushing the shoot even 1 day, we'd start losing locations, crew, cast and schedule.

Yes, I did cry and feel horrible weird stress throughout my body and spine.  But I got to the other side of it.  Because hell, what can you do?  I have felt like a failure before but I don't now.

We have done SO MUCH WORK to get this far, and strangely enough my first and foremost feeling this morning is gratitude and love.

Weird, right?

I never expected this - but the reason is - getting THIS FAR with the movie - I needed the support of SO many people, and my family along the way.  People have come out for the film in HUGE ways, and it makes me feel great.  This experience has shown me that people do believe in me and this movie, and I never knew it quite like this before!  Self doubt can be crippling as an artist, and people don't often have the reason to show their support - but this movie gave people that opportunity (and I'll still very much need it moving forward!).

I feel deeply motivated, strengthened and inspired to put even more heart and elbow grease into this movie.

We pushed the shoot to March 2015.  Do I like being in this position?  Not at first, but here I am - I better get used to it.  
This is not the worst.  I'm making a movie and that is COOL, dudes!

A vision of the future:

My mom and dad bought me this fancy chair!  Nola Slates made me this BEAUTIFUL (and reasonably priced) Custom Slate!  THAT CHAIR WILL BE SAT IN and THAT SLATE WILL BE CLAPPED!!!  MARCH 2015 FTW

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