Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Racist Jokes are important, and Privacy is even more so: The Sony Hacks

Why is it that when people work in film and television, people via social media, magazines, and gossip, are treated like they aren't human and don't have feelings and are open to being trashed, and their privacy has no value?  You guys LIKE movies and tv shows DON'T YOU?  

I think the SONY hack is a tremendous violation of privacy, and I'm certain that the victims of the hack are suffering from immeasurable anxiety and stress.  These people have families and lives and souls and it's the holidays for them too.  Where is your sympathy?  Is it hiding behind all of your judgement?!

Let's make a rule for all of the privacy hacks from this day on: WE DON'T JUDGE THE VICTIMS!  ONLY THE HACKERS.

Also - I don't believe those racist emails indicate that the people who sent them actually make decisions based on race when it actually counts.  Yes, they were racist JOKES.  They were NOT racist ACTIONS.  

I admire and respect Shonda Rhimes and her thoughts regarding the Sony Execs racist email leaks.  Shonda is right, these jokes are racist - but I also think that anybody who isn't a complete uptight waste of space makes racist jokes.

EVERYBODY of EVERY RACE does this.  And they usually do it privately, because they know it would be inappropriate.  Often times big famous popular comedians have race jokes in their act.  Because yes there IS a time and a place for them.

Here is an EXAMPLE of 2 Sarah Silverman jokes where the JOKE ITSELF is how inappropriate it is to say these things, and how obvious it is that the joke teller doesn't actually mean them:

There's mean spirited racist jokes - which any decent person doesn't like and has a right to complain about, and then there's a huge category of racist jokes that get a laugh BECAUSE they are so unacceptable and inappropriate - and everyone of every race makes these jokes.  It's IMPORTANT to make these jokes because that means we are AT LEAST CAPABLE OF TALKING ABOUT RACE!!!!

One of the biggest problems stunting the advancement of civil rights in the modern day world is a confusion, and often lack of ability to intelligently discus race.  If we can't joke about it - that won't help either.  Racist jokes are important and have a time and place in our society because jokes are important.

How dare people be so stupid that they take what was a private conversation - a forum where a racist joke is entirely acceptable, and judge it as though it was a public statement.  NO, if a Hollywood exec makes a private racist joke to another Hollywood exec, it DOES NOT MEAN that they are racist.

Suggesting that you ask Obama if "12 Years a Slave" or "Django" are his favorite movie is funny because it's wildly inappropriate and these Sony execs know they wouldn't ever do that in real life.

It doesn't show whatsoever that they are racist against Obama.  He's famously our first black President.  His blackness is important, relevant, and on people's minds.  To me, it seems racist when people are OVERLY sensitive, tiptoeing around black people - using terms like "African American" and being overtly, insincerely nice to black people instead of just regular and courteous as you would be to anybody.

You can't be so afraid of offending that you don't say anything.

As I go through life on my ever flaming feminist crusade - I am certainly sensitive to sexist remarks and comments BUT FUCK YES I need to have a sense of humor about it too.  There's a difference between the mean spirited jokes and the healthy ones.  There's a difference between public remarks and private ones.

It's healthy for our society to make jokes!  And not be beheaded for them!  And you are all guilty of making inappropriate PRIVATE remarks!!!

The more comfortable black and white people are with joking about and discussing race, the farther will we advance.  Sensitivity is important.  Over sensitivity is crippling.

How could Bill Cosby do what he has done?  He has both raped women and abused his power and the public's love of him, and broken a deeply moving and important movement.  Bill Cosby's contribution to entertainment and modern society was enormously influential.

Know this
--- he has already done his good work, and talented people have already built upon it.  Nobody can take that away.

Bill Cosby is a rapist, but black stories and entertainers belong on television, and there they will stay.

And now, I'll pass this off to Richard Pryor for the final words in this post.  Enjoy:

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